Welcome to Jekta Storsenter

Enjoy a day of shopping at Jekta – the biggest mall in the Arctic.

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Welcome to Jekta Storsenter

If you need equipment for hiking, whale watching, northern light hunting or just a new outfit for browsing the city, we got everything you need in one place.

With over 120 stores and the largest and best selection in Northern Norway, you’ll always find what you’re looking for at Jekta Storsenter. Here you can also grab a coffee or enjoy a meal at one of our many cozy cafes and restaurants.

We offer free parking and easy access to public transport, only 5 minutes away from the airport and 10 minutes away from the city center.

Outdoor, fashion, and popular brands

Outdoor, fashion and popular brands

At Jekta Storsenter you’ll find many local and international brands that you won’t find elsewhere in the city. Arc’teryx is a popular brand among both locals and tourists in Tromsø. At Jobb og Fritid you’ll find the city’s largest selection from the outdoor giant.

"We have many tourists visiting our store. The clothes are affordable due to the exchange rate and VAT refund, while also ensuring that the clothes are genuine. In many other countries, you’re inundated with fakes."

Geir Arne Johansen, Jobb og Fritid

The sport and leisure stores Sport 1 and Jobb og Fritid also sell brands such as Patagonia, Mammut, Black Diamond and R.A.B, and the Scandinavian brands Norrøna, Bergans og Devold. At the stores Stormberg and Sport Outlet, you’ll find outdoor clothing at lower prices.

At Ecco Store they sell clothes and shoes in Scandinavian design. At, among others, Romsø, Livlii and Taras, you will find interior decor from Scandinavian brands.

Our stores have different systems for VAT refunds. Ask us when you make a purchase.

Local specialties

Local specialties

There's a lot to experience at Jekta. The fish counter at Dragøy is popular among visitors. Many also visit Obs Kafé to try authentic Norwegian home-cooked meals at a reasonable price. If you're looking to buy a souvenir or gifts for loved ones back home, you'll find both souvenirs and books in several languages at Norli Jekta and local chocolate at Taras.

"There are many tourists who shop with us. Most popular are king crab, shrimp, salmon, and fresh fish in general. I believe there's a lot of good food being prepared in AirBnb apartments around the city. Also, many people buy stockfish to take home."

Roger Myrvoll, Dragøy

Cod liver oil and Omega 3 are popular items among tourists. Here, both our pharmacies, health food stores, and grocery stores have a good selection.

Places to eat

Places to eat

Take a break from shopping at one of our many cafes and eateries within the center. Here, you'll find both Norwegian traditional dishes and international classics such as sushi, pizza, and salads.

At Fryd, they serve delights like shrimp sandwiches with Lyngen shrimps and reindeer meat burgers. Raus can tempt you with homemade cakes, while Pedersen Bakeri offers fresh baked goods. At Kaffebønna, you can enjoy a wide range of coffee options.

At Shin Sushi you can eat fresh salmon from Skjervøy Lerøy Aurora, renowned as one of the world's best salmon. Egon boasts a diverse menu, including alcohol service. At Obs Kafé, you can enjoy Norwegian home-cooked meals at an affordable price.

Good to know

Good to know

At Jekta Storsenter you'll also find a grocery store, several pharmacies, hair salons, a nail salon and a tattoo shop.

At Telia, they sell prepaid phone cards with easy registration for tourists.


How do I get to Jekta Storsenter? From the city center, take bus 42 (towards Eidkjosen). The bus ride takes 10 minutes from the city center to Jekta Storsenter/Giæverbukta. If you're coming from the airport, take bus 42 (towards Stakkevollan). The bus ride from the airport to Jekta Storsenter/Giæverbukta takes 5 minutes. Many other bus routes also run to and from Jekta, but they take longer. If you come by car, there is free parking at Jekta.

How far is it to the airport? The airport is only one bus stop away from Jekta Storsenter.

Where can I store my luggage? We have lockers for luggage storage at multiple locations in the center.

What are the opening hours? Monday to Friday 10-21. Saturday 10-18. On Sundays we are closed (except in December).

Can I shop tax-free at Jekta? Most stores at Jekta Storsenter offers tax-free shopping for eligible buyers. You can get more information about the tax-free process and the conditions by asking in the stores or at the information desk at the center.

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